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It must not go without saying that the most important book to know and devote your life to is the Bible. It is the Word of God and the revelation of who he is to his mankind. All of the books below are meant to, in one way or another, help us to more accurately understand and apply the book that God wrote.


Entry Level - Kevin DeYoung, Taking God at His Word (Crossway) • James White, Scripture Alone (Bethany House)

Intermediate - John Frame, The Doctrine of the Word of God (P&R) • John Piper, Reading the Bible Supernaturally (Crossway) • James White, The King James Only Controversy (Bethany House) • Stonehouse and Wolley, The Infallible Word (P&R)

In-depth - Peter Lilliback & Richard Gaffin, Thy Word is Still Truth (P&R) • B.B. Warfield, The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible (P&R)

The Gospel & Gospel-Centered Living

Entry Level - Bryan Chapell, Unlimited Grace (Crossway) • Greg Gilbert, What is the Gospel? (Crossway) • Rose Marie Miller, From Fear to Freedom (Shaw Books) • Robert Thune & Will Walker, The Gospel-Centered Life (NGP) • Milton Vincent, A Gospel Primer (Focus)

Intermediate - Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace (NavPress) • Matt Chandler, The Explicit Gospel (Crossway)

In-depth - John Piper, God is the Gospel (Crossway)

Bible Content and Interpretation

Entry Level - The Gospel Transformation Study Bible (Crossway) • Reformation Study Bible (Ligonier) • David Murray, Jesus on Every Page (Thomas Nelson) • Luke Walker, He Gave Them Judges (W&G)

Intermediate - G.K. Beale & Michell Kim, God Dwells Among Us (IVP) • Peter Lilliback et al., Seeing Christ in All of Scripture (Westminster) • Graeme Goldsworthy, According to Plan (IVP) • Jeff Johnson, The Kingdom of God (FGP)

In-depth - Richard Barcellos, Better Than the Beginning (RBAP)• D.A. Carson, Exegetical Fallacies (Baker) • Pascal Denault, The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology (SGCB) • Graeme Goldsworthy, Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics (IVP) • Philip Ross, From the Finger of God (Mentor) • McCartney & Clayton, Let the Reader Understand (P&R)

Apologetics & Philosophy

Entry Level - Greg Bahnsen, Always Ready (Covenant Media Press) • John Frame, We Are All Philosophers (Lexham) • Jeff Johnson, The Absurdity of Unbelief (FGP) • Timothy Keller, The Reason for God (Penguin) • Timothy Keller, Making Sense of God (Penguin)

Intermediate - John Frame, A History of Western Philosophy and Theology (P&R) • Vern Poythress, Redeeming Philosophy (Crossway)

In-depth - K. Scott Oliphant, Covenantal Apologetics (Crossway) • Cornelius Van Til, The Defense of the Faith (P&R)

Systematic Theology

Entry Level - The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith in Modern English (Founders) • John Frame, Salvation Belongs to the Lord (P&R) • John Frame, Theology in Three Dimensions (P&R)

Intermediate - John Frame, Systematic Theology (P&R) • John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2 vols (Westminster John Knox)

In-depth - Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics (Baker) • Joel Beeke & Mark Jones, A Puritan Theology (RHB)

The Atonement, Salvation, and Justification

Entry Level - Mark Dever, It is Well (Crossway) • John Piper, Five Points (Christian Focus) • R.C. Sproul, Chosen by God (Tyndale) • R.C. Sproul, Faith Alone (Baker)

Intermediate - James Boice & Phil Ryken, The Doctrines of Grace (Crossway) • John Piper, Counted Righteous in Christ (Crossway) • John Stott, The Cross of Christ (IVP)

In-depth - Stephen Charnock, Christ Crucified (Christian Heritage) • Steve Jeffrey, Michael Ovey, Andrew Sach, Pierced for our Transgressions (Crossway)

Church History

Entry Level - Michael Haykin, Rediscovering the Church Fathers (Crossway) • S.M. Houghton, Sketches from Church History (P&R)

Intermediate - Iain Murray, Evangelicalism Divided (Banner of Truth) • Iain Murray, The Old Evangelicalism (Banner of Truth) • Nick Needham, 2000 Years of Christ’s Power, 4 vols (Christian Focus)

In-depth - James Wylie, The History of Protestantism, 3 vols (SGCB)

Knowing God and Christ

Entry Level - R.C. Sproul, The Holiness of God (Tyndale)

Intermediate - John Piper, Desiring God (Multnomah) • John Piper, The Pleasures of God (Multnomah) • John Piper, When I Don’t Desire God (Crossway)

In-depth - Thomas Goodwin, The Heart of Christ (Banner of Truth) • John Owen, Communion with God (Banner of Truth) • John Owen, The Glory of Christ (Banner of Truth) • Richard Sibbes, The Love of Christ (Banner of Truth)

Preaching, Worship, and the Church

Entry Level - Thabiti Anyabwile, What is a Healthy Church Member? (Crossway) • Tim Chester & Steve Timmis, Total Church (Crossway) • Mark Dever, 9 Marks of a Healthy Church (Crossway) • Jonathan Leeman, Church Membership (Crossway) • C. John Miller, Outgrowing the Ingrown Church (Zondervan) • C. John Miller, The Heart of a Servant Leader (P&R) • Robert H. Thune, Gospel-Eldership (NGP)

Intermediate - Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Preaching (Baker) • Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Worship (Baker) • Edmund Clowney, Preaching Christ in All of Scripture (Crossway) • Mark Dever, The Church (B&H) • Tim Keller, Preaching (Viking) • John Piper, Expository Exultation (Crossway) • Phil Ryken, Give Praise to God (P&R)

In-depth - Richard Barcellos, The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace (Mentor) • Dennis Johnson, Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures (P&R)• Tim Keller, Center Church (Zondervan) • Jeffrey Meyers, The Lord’s Service - Chapters 1-12 (Canon Press) • Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students (Banner of Truth)

Evangelism and Missions

Entry Level - Mark Dever, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism (Crossway) • C. John Miller, A Faith Worth Sharing (P&R) • C. John Miller, Powerful Evangelism for the Powerless (P&R)

Intermediate - Iain Murray, The Puritan Hope (Banner of Truth) • J. I. Packer, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (IVP)

In-depth – John Piper, Let the Nations be Glad (Baker)

Christian Counseling

Entry Level - Dennis E. Johnson and Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Counsel from the Cross: Connecting Broken People to the Love of Christ (Crossway)

Intermediate - David Powlison, Seeing With New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition through the Lens of Scripture (P&R) • Paul Tripp, How People Change (New Growth Press)

Parenting, Family and Marriage

Entry Level - Voddie Baucham, Family Shepherds (Crossway) • Miller, Harrell, Klumpenhower, The Gospel-Centered Parent (NGP) •  Paul Tripp, Parenting (Crossway) • Tedd Tripp, Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Shepherd Press) • Don Whitney, Family Worship (Crossway) • Give Them Grace, Elyse Fitzpatrick (Crossway) • Desiring God, Mom Enough (Desiring God)

Intermediate - Voddie Baucham, Family Driven Faith (Crossway) • Dave Harvey, When Sinners Say I Do (Shepherd Press) • Jim Newheiser, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage (P&R) • John Piper, This Momentary Marriage (Crossway)

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Entry Level - Kent Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Man (Crossway) • Carolyn Mahaney, Feminine Appeal (Crossway) • J.C. Ryle, Thoughts for Young Men (Solid Ground)

Intermediate - Gloria Furman, Glimpses of Grace (Crossway) • Richard Phillips, The Masculine Mandate (Ligonier)

In-depth - John Piper and Wayne Grudem, Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Crossway)

Worldview, Culture, and Work

Entry Level - Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor (Penguin) • Phil Ryken, What is the Christian Worldview? (P&R) • Phil Ryken, Art for God’s Sake? (P&R) • Vern Poythress, The Lordship of Christ (P&R) • R.C. Sproul Jr., Biblical Economics (Tolle Lege)

Intermediate -  John Frame, The Doctrine of the Christian Life (P&R) • Gary Demar, God and Government (American Vision) • Wayne Grudem, Politics According to the Bible (Zondervan)

In-depth - Joseph Boot, The Mission of God (Wilberforce) • Abraham Kuyper, Lectures on Calvinism (Hendrickson) • Vern Poythress, The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses (P&R) • William Edgar, Created and Creating (IVP)

Christian Living

Entry Level - Randy Alcorn, The Treasure Principle (Multnomah) • Jerry Bridges, Respectable Sins (NavPress)• Rosaria Butterfield, The Gospel Comes with a House Key (Crossway) • Bryan Chapell, Unlimited Grace (Crossway) • Kevin DeYoung, Just Do Something (Moody) • C. John Miller, Come Back Barbara (P&R) • John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life (Crossway) • Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover (Thomas Nelson)

Intermediate - Randy Alcorn, Happiness (Tyndale) • Bryan Chapell, Holiness by Grace (Crossway) • Martin Lloyd-Jones, Spiritual Depression (Eerdmans) • Paul Miller, A Praying Life (NavPress) • Thomas Watson, A Godly Man’s Picture (Banner of Truth)

Eschatology (Last Things)

We do not make eschatology a primary issue. However, we believe the books below are a helpful guide.

Entry Level - John Jefferson Davis, Christ’s Victorious Kingdom (Audubon Press) • R.C. Sproul, The Last Days According to Jesus (Baker)

Intermediate - Lorraine Boettner, The Millennium (P&R) • Keith Mathison, Postmillenialism (P&R) • Sam Storms, Kingdom Come: The Amilennial Alternative (Mentor)

In-depth - Kenneth Gentry, He Shall Have Dominion (TNC)

Daily Devotionals

Arthur Bennett, The Valley of Vision (Banner of Truth) • C. John Miller, Saving Grace (NGP) • John Piper, A Godward Heart (Multnomah) • Charles Spurgeon, Morning & Evening (Crossway) • Paul Tripp, New Morning Mercies (Crossway)